Cartiva SCI

Cartiva synthetic cartilage implant

The physical properties of Cartiva© SCI make it an excellent replacement for damaged articular cartilage. The device is composed of an organic polymer-based material consisting of 40% polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and saline (0.9%).

With a high water content similar to surrounding healthy cartilage combined with its elastic and compressive mechanical properties, Cartiva SCI represents an ideal replacement for a joint's damaged cartilage. The material has also been shown to resist compression and shear with exceptional wear characteristics.

The device is cylindrical in shape and is for use during a single surgical procedure, where its placement addresses focal articular defects. Joint resurfacing with Cartiva SCI is simple, does not require significant removal of healthy tissue, and typically results in nominal surgical trauma and rapid recovery.

Features & Benefits

  • Synthetic
    No risk of viral or bacterial transmission due to animal derived materials
  • Biocompatible
    No systemic irritation in 10+ years of clinical use
  • Biostable
    Does not degrade
  • Durable
    Capable of withstanding repetitive loading
  • Compliant
    Suppleness and flexibility allows for easy implantation
  • Slippery
    Low friction coefficient

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